It rolled in from behind the hole as the green sloped from back to front. Break the mold, there is your new motto Gigagolf. It was a cold, but clear morning and the greens were frozen, and it was Just a little about me I know you already sorted this out, but for anybody in the future, I would give them a thumbs up. I just received them back and they look great.

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Not sure what he was watching I went back to swinging out of my shoes more balls with a big Serena Williams style roar or grunt and other than one push I hit all of them into the end fence. Ball explodes off the face. Therefore, lie checks and adjustments are done on GigaGolf irons and wedges free of charge. If you are not sure yet, take a chance. I can’t wait to try them out and see if the cracked heads were the problem.

He said hit mine. Now who doesn’t want that in their golf game. It totally exceeds my expectations and performs just at well as other brand-name drivers I have tried. Thx guys for another great club. I am a high ball hitter. I spent my career in retail.


All things being equal, slower swing speeds get more distance with higher lofts. This was the first round since last September, so it took a couple of holes to shake off the rust, but I can say this driver performs!

I used the 6 iron recently purchased from Gigagolf. I ordered the powerslot irons with feather lite shafts, Pursuit ps Fairway woods with the red powerlaunch shafts and the TRX TI driver with powerlaunch shaft.

This review is based on 70 years of golf experience as a player and golf teacher. Now they can’t do magic but every ball I actually hit was like I used to hit 10 years, pre injury and 15 surgeries ago. Want to join this community? Want to hide this ad?

Hit 7 out of 13 fairways which is a little below norm for me. And the gxzz really works. With my old standard cavity backed long irons I was beginning to pull and snap hook and finding it harder to make solid contact.

But I am glad I did. Obviously, I like and believe in their products.

GigaGolf GXz Driver

Because of the cold weather only 5 members of our gangsome showed up, so we went off as a fivesome. Another thing to get used to. I have a 7.

Every time I think I might get something different I remember that day two gogagolf ago on April 6, when I had a hole in one with a 5H on a yard par 3. I hit about 10 balls and was getting a little frustrated, because I was not hitting it very well.


Gigagolf? Need feedback – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

The GX is a quality club I got the driver and 3 wood the only thing is I did not experience the wow factor that I read about on other reviews if you are looking for a gugagolf club this is it if you are looking for distance this is not it M. We found a good deal for a new set and figured we’d jump on it.

I hit this thing consistently the whole day yards. And I just received a Pinemeadow 3 hybrid. Register a new account.

I believe that any company or its employees can experience a problem. I got to hit GXz Ti driver for the first time on the 18th of this month. I ordered two GXz Ti Drivers, one for me and one for a friend.