When you get the right combination – boom. Jeff 10 years ago. So he said why not go with in G and then 8-pw in G, I thought yeah go with that but now I’m not so sure! It really put very little sidespin on the ball, I had a couple of slices and I think one hook but most everything else was dead straight with an occasional push or pull. Do you like draws and fades? High launch angles allowed iron lofts to be strengthened without compromising control. In the final analysis, the proof is in the pudding!

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G15 Irons Started by jkentjr1Aug 23 Everyone is different and every swing is different. You must be logged in to post a comment. The clubs look awesome. It was 2,3,4,5 cavity and blades Irons look more like a G series, I agree.

Ping G15 Irons: Ping K15 Irons VS Ping i15 Irons

Have yet to find anyone who can’t hit it straight! I was searching for a good answer on this too. Is it difficult to play golf with a catheter? The soles are slightly larger than a typical players long iron, but you ane really see that from address. The wedges I mentioned have a lot of bounce as do all the clubs. I was also impressed with both of the new hybrids and am currently toying between the two.


With the pic i saw being I15 maybe that means there is a G15 also. Want to see more patents…go to Golf-Patents. The G15 takes all that was great about the G10 and adds improved performance, aesthetics and a killer sound.

Do the G15 irons and hybrids conform to the new groove rules? BogeyThis 9 years ago. Ping has never been much for conformity so movable weights and adjustable shafts differennce unlikely.

Ping I15 v G15

If you are above that go with the G15 brtween if you start breaking eighty then the i15 design or the S57 design will be a way to improve your shot making with deep Fades and draws. Unless you are looking to work the ball offf the tee and with a lower trajectory, I anf go with the more forgiving G Also included is a titanium toe weight and a Custom Tuning Port located in the cavity that not only dampens vibration, but enhances sound and feel, too USGA-conforming grooves.

G155 the difference between the G15, i15 and K15 drivers?? Its even better to hit what you think is a good shot, only to see the telemetry telling you you can do better with, say, a change of shaft of loft. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Jordan Massey 9 years ago. With strong lofts and a low center of gravity you can see whythe i15 hybrids provide penetrating, tour-preferred ball flights that comfortably take the position of long irons or even shorter fairway metals.


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I15 vs. G15 Irons

My driver big Bertha reg. Chris Harman 10 years ago. Go back to the Ping Eyes for the irons…I still have my set and so often think of going back to them. I’d been thinking about some new ones and had decided on going to have a hit betweej the G15, but I read a review on the I15 and thought I would give them a go, I had a hit this eve with them 7 only First off the i Thin crown technology helps save weight, which was moved to optimize launch angles for higher and straighter shots.

Share this with your golf buddies: Miura C and K Grind 52, 56 Putter: Irrespective of the the handicap. I definitely am not a huge fan of the trend toward super thick toplines.