View the online help for detailed information. Failure to do so can cause you physical injury and damage motherboard components. Refer to the online help or readme file that came with the utility for details. Copy the original or the latest motherboard BIOS file to the bootable floppy disk. A very high Vcore voltage can severely damage the CPU!

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When set to Auto, the data transfer from and to the device occurs multiple sectors at a time if the device supports multi-sector transfer feature. Before you start installing the motherboard, and hardware devices on it, check the items in your package with the list below. The motherboard supports the following RAID configurations. Install the necessary drivers to activate the devices.

The Supervisor Password item on top of the screen shows the default N o t I n s t a l l e d d. The available values range from 8 KB to KB.

Secure the card to the chassis with the screw you removed earlier. The support CD that came with the motherboard package contains the drivers, software applications, and utilities that you can install to avail all motherboard features.


Page 84 If you attempt saus exit the Setup program pssgd1 saving your changes, the program prompts you with a message asking if you want to save your changes before exiting.

Setting a very high memory voltage may damage the memory module s!

ASUS P5GD1 Pro User’s guide – e p5gd1 pro | Martin Lacetti –

AI NET2 remotely detects cable connection the second you turn on the system, and any faulty connections are reported back up to meters at 1 meter accuracy. Users can reboot their system through the support CD when a bootable disk is not available, and go through the simple BIOS auto-recovery process. All data on the RAID drives will be lost! Replace the system cover.

To set a User Password: The DIMM might get damaged when it flips out with extra force. The motherboard delivers a host of new features and latest technologies, making it another standout in the long line of ASUS quality motherboards!

Expansion Slots Expansion slots In the future, you may need to install expansion cards. For server systems, use of a lower array block size is recommended.

These devices could interrupt ssus grounding circuit. Repeat step 2 to select other RAID drives. Remove the onboard battery. Make sure to unplug the power cord before installing or removing the motherboard. Setting to Auto allows the system to detect the presence of USB devices at startup.


Asus P5GD1 Pro User Manual

Place the support CD in the optical drive. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

You can C o n t a c t also find this information on the inside front cover of pzgd1 user guide. Products may not be available in all markets.

Move the jumper cap from pins default to pins ROM Main filename Extension name 3. This port connects the rear speakers on a 4-channel, 6-channel, or 8-channel audio configuration. Instructions that you MUST follow to complete a task. Refer to the audio configuration table for the function of the audio ports in 2, 4, 6, or 8-channel configuration.

We recommend aasus you do not change the default setting for better OS compatibility. Orient the red markings on the floppy ribbon cable to PIN 1. Click N e x tt.