No other configuration needed. Eventually, I pressed Esc to end alsamixer and save my changes. Compiling manually, and patching with the patch from the alsa bugtracker, and specifying a model to the module, works for me. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. If that does not give you sound, I would face the fact of a regression.

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Looks like it might be fixed in the HG developers -tree. Here it’s a core2 too, but on a Dell inspiron It’s strange that with the same card yours work and not mine: December corporatino, 5. But there’s a catch: If you start KMix with a left mouse click, you will see only the main volume slider.

Jeremy McNaughton jeremy-mcnaughton wrote on Sign up using Email and Password. What you may want to check out is if your mixer has separate channels for the headphone jack. ID string for Intel HD audio interface. The configure script is unable to find the autoconf.


Following the advice of bytor having the linux-backports -modules- 2. The fully-opened volume applet still controls the headphones correctly.

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Your options are quanta-il13stacktoshibaetc. It showed up loud and clear, but when I clicked play, it played back far too quietly. Would I be wiser posting this in bugs.

You don’t see the audio slider bars or controls going up, you just hear the volume getting louder and louder until it maxes out. Sign up using Facebook.

Intel corporation 82801h (ich8 family) hd audio controller ubuntu driver

ALSA-information of machine Edit Output of lspci grep -i audio 2. No other configuration needed. Tim Gardner timg-tpi wrote on Must I post this info on lauchpad or only when I find the solution?

Trying to get this card to work on a Dell Inspiron I tried with ALSA many times, but there is not sound in my speakers. The HD Audio standard has many output channels. I just installed linux-backports -modules- 2.

[ubuntu] Intel Corporation H(ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controler

NiceInVT pasternak wrote on I have also sound now! In this case you should be able after the changes to control the volumes speaker and headphone independently.


Checking this forum post and this guideI’ve managed to get a configuration that seems to work fine.

So I also tried the way to download the last driver, e. Download full text 4. In reply to Wulong’s inquiry about headphones, yes, my speakers do in fact cut out when I plug in the front headphone jack, and sound does come out of the headphones. That event window was opened by the Win XP soundcard driver when I plugged in the microphone.

Output of lspci grep -i audio. Just add the backports checkbox to the updates tab when selecting repositories in synaptic package manager.