Unfortunately so is the legacy ieee stack, and guess which one starts up by default on my box? Hi all, you can count me as one user affected by the bug: I am forced to use 2 watt radios on empty Possible causes are bugs in Linux, firmware bugs of the drive, or defective hardware. Carlos de la Cruz Pinto carlos-de-la-cruz-merged on

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I finally got a chance to setup Badly timed runs of that script may cause the kernel to oops or freeze.

Jeff, that’s evidently a very old version of dvgrab. I have developed a simple patch for raw that I am just beginning to test that addresses the raw security issue in a way completely different than Jody’s proposal. Thanks janic for that great link. It will either “just iefe1394 for you, or dvgrab will tell you “no camera exists”.

ieee /dev/raw device node missing

Sound of the DV stream is played as well. Thank you, Andy, for your sensible and lucid explanation. Am I correct in assuming that everyone should go with option 1? This happens especially if a rescan is run while the sbp2 host is removed.


The Linux project implements isochronous send and receive through several interfaces: Start Kino and switch to the ‘Capture’ tab.

Stefan Richter stefan-r-ubz wrote on There can be two reasons. Scott James Remnant Canonical canonical-scott wrote on Now, if I change Kino to use dv, then it will be broken by default for other distros. Carlos de la Cruz Pinto.

Visit the following links: It is currently being used with libdcCoriander, and for DV export in Kino. Check for the correct path with “mount”.

Then, any user who trusts themselves on their own computer can add themself to the group and not be co-mingled with disk members. New function in libraw v2.

FireWire updates

I get the same error messages plus one about no camera being detected. Please let us know if you are testing on Maverick and this is not the case.

Just so people know there is an Ubuntu Brainstorm entry about firewire capture: So, basically, the multitude of camcorder owners are being sacrificed for the handful of pro-audio firewire interface users. I don’t have Debian or Ubuntu myself.


FireWire updates []

It probably contains mistakes. I had similiar problem Related questions kino in Ubuntu: For many of the recent releases both the firewire stacks have been available, but the older one selected by default. When a request completes, it calls. I tried a lot to use dvgrab or kino on my Camcorder sony VXE without much success Blacklisting didn’t work reliable.

I can technically do it in Windows Look for a firmware update: The offset part of the root directory entry will be filled in by. It apparently papered over some sbp2 driver bugs on some setups in older kernels.