What is online and off line licensing? We build on as old a version of the operating system as we can for forward compatibility. For Easysoft Licensing to work, you must do one of the following: After obtaining a license, you should make a backup copy of this file. Easysoft recommend accepting the default installation path.

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SQL Server ODBC Driver

Answering Questions During the Installation Throughout the installation, you will be asked to odbf some questions. After you have mailed, faxed or telephoned the license request to us, we will return a license key. You can use an existing copy of unixODBC. I need to set some ODBC statement attributes but my application does not let me do this. On other Unix platforms, there are two methods of telling the dynamic linker where to look for shared objects:.

This is the default database for the connection. Applications – UniData Why do I get error “libodbc.

To connect easysogt a SQL Server instance that is not listening on the default portuse the format machinename: This method involves providing Easysoft with information including your machine number a number unique to your machine and then waiting to receive your license key.

For more information, see Dynamic Linker. The License Client will then run a program that generates a eazysoft that is used to identify the product and operating system we need this key to license you. If at any time you want to stop the test, type q at any prompt. Can I have the licenses file on an NFS share referenced by multiple machines?


Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver

The last part of the installation runs a post install script that lists the resources available to you. If you download obc Unix file with a Windows browser, the browser may strip the file name extension. If you answer yes, the installation runs the licshell script.

Where to Install This installation needs a location for the installed files.

SSL requested but not supported”? The data source is written to your system odbc. The host name of the SQL Server machine. All warnings are written to a file called oebc in the directory you unpacked the distribution into.

You do not need to obtain a license during the installation, you can run licshell after the installation to obtain or view licenses. The License Manager then sends a request to the Swl license server to activate your license key automatically.

If you need help, use the Solution Wizard to build a solution with Easysoft products.

If the SQL Server instance that you want odnc connect to is listed in the results, type y to continue interactively creating your SQL Server data source.

What can I do?

Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver

We are also keen to support you in your business and as such we allow you to leverage the full functionality of your Oebc Server installation e. Easysoft recommend you install all components as the root user. How do I restart the licensing procedure after I have quit the install?


ODBC fail with “make: If the Drivers tab is locked, the Remove button will be unavailable. Why do I get a license error stating the application was unable to create a semaphore when attempting to connect an ODBC compliant application to my Easysoft application? This will create a directory with the same name as the tar file without the.

SQL Server ODBC Driver

Why do not my PHP scripts appear to run on the web server? However, if you installed the Driver Manager in a non-standard place and you do not install the included unixODBCyou will need to know the location. On operating systems where the dynamic linker has a file listing locations for shared objects Linuxthe installation script will attempt to add paths under the path you provided at the start of the installation to the end of this list.