My main concern is with accuracy and reception. Since getting the unit back I have not used it. The modern and powerful software within the DeLorme Earthmate PN Handheld GPS operates flawlessly thanks to a dual-core processor that keeps routes updating quickly and without interruption. To mount it on a shoulder strap, the type of case needed to hold it securely would make it less accessible. With the new faster dual-processor design you now stay centered on the map, better able to anticipate upcoming turns.

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The pre-loaded maps are very basic, containing little else than major roads. Get a dedicated auto GPS if you need that full time function. The blackberry was faster and the practical use of its map pnn-40, panning, etc.

Repeated attempts, including sliding the light bar and finally it did power down. Keola – November 9th, Clean them with an eraser and see if that helps. I recently saw and ad for the Garmin Oregon that said there is now a Garmin subsriptoin service for aerial and sateliete imagery available.

Having multiple types of maps on the GPS has provided me with important information about my surroundings a number of times that was an important decision making factor during a trip. Tim – July 21st, There is a user-available embedded memory of MB.


DeLorme PN GPS Review

Once or twice it has restarted on its own while I was in the ddevice of a task. But what do you consider base maps.

Also, with this, does it really matter if I get the sandisk Ultra 2 or the Extreme? Melissa – December 15th, Otherwise that data is stored in a protected volume. In fact, I received a replacement set under warranty from DeLorme, the battery would not hold a charge and the charger rejected the battery as faulty, after a devoce months of very light use.

You have to manually input the estimate speed as your speed changes; also the max speed you can input is Mahalo again for your response and if you discover anything else while using your GPS in the islands please keep me posted.

DeLorme kicks out waterproof Earthmate PN GPS device

Any info will be greatly appreciated. This site uses cookies to offer you a better experience. Thanks for your forum and your help in advance. While it is correct that you can now download the 1: The Delorme has a faster processer, delorke may be why it is fast gettign a fix.


I re-installed them in the PN40 and they powered it for twenty minutes before again showing power low warning. Plus, I really like to record my tracks. For example I like the GPS setup one way for delore, another way for hiking, and yet another way for kayaking.

Good luck, Robert Robert – April 2nd, When I sent the unit in, I also said it was hard on batteries and asked that to be corrected if possible. Robert – January 29th, dsvice You can improve that to about 5 meters with WAAS.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 User Manual: The Device Setup Page

Other wise it is a good gps I use my in Iraq for work and have beaten it up and still going strong. It will usually get a fix from a cold start in less than 45 seconds, so I just turn it on when I need to get a fix.

David – July 21st, Dani – November 29th, Is a DeLorme PN purchased new in the box unopened — worth anything?