We have selected the driver and now we want to tell Apsfilter how your printer is connected to your PC. Ol’ Duffer, Aug 7, One is the speed. These are the actual images you will need to install DSL to media. If this process seems a little daunting to you, remember that I wrote it with a lot of built in sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor.

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GPL programs are a pretty safe bet that you can modify and redistribute.

I made the script to work on the most minimal of systems, e. Hope you didn’t get flamed too much. When it’s done, umount zip and then remount it. For normal printing, you will only need to fill in values for sections 1, 2 and 3.

DSL Documentation Project

The max number of heads is usually speced as 32 which should work for almost all cases. First we decide whether or not to include an icon. Don’t use it anymore. This procedure also allows you to make DSL-friendly changes to the program which might not be so simple after the application has been airxrpess.

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UCI files are ci files that store the user. There is always the possibility that a program will eventually call another program which is not required merely to start your program.

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Those parts that require updates can be “linked” into a writeable directory. Here is the sequence I would use to generate two partitions, one for booting and the other for storing. If your printer is setup properly, we are ready to finalize the installation. Thank you Nick Hill and Paul Knight for bring down the old hard ware and doing the tests! Save and exit the file and you should be all set. You need to be careful with zip drives for a few reasons.

Keeping your extension “damn small” is the name of the game. The timezone shoud be working for US zones. If it’s small, and would add value to the distro, post a suggestion in the “Ideas and Suggestions” area of the forums. I know I do. Building a green extension can sometimes be as simple as packing up a pre-compiled binary with the appropriate ownership.

As an example, we’ll be building a green extension from the ImageMagick source.

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You may encounter something new: Loading that flash plugin off the menu is a breeze Note that this installation method works for most Knoppix-based Live-CD variants, as well as for Knoppix itself. She tells us she has an Inspiron Even if you only got 41mb from one of the mirrors, and then the server died.


Using your favourite browser or FTP client or even bittorrent you will need to visit a mirror site and simply download the version of DSL you want.

It can be easier to gather the files installed though a package system and put them in the same places in a myDSL package. Write down the number of cylinders, heads and sectors. I don’t use mine much, but figured it would be a nice backup to check email if my primary computer goes down.

Please do not assume pc1br this means everything is ready to go, however. Aixpress have also included a photo of me and paul proudly showing off our atticware multitasking games, a paused instance of XMMS and 2 browser windows. Fire up the other computer with Knoppix or whatever other distro of your choice I will call this the “host box” or “work box” and download or access the DSL iso.

Note that you can do things from this prompt line as you would from an XTerminal window, airrxpress way Real Men used to. Or, you can grab the dsl-dpkg.